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“An Introduction to Alexander Technique for Mammographers”: Course I am running in London

I have been running these workshops for the Society of Radiographers since 2010. The latest took place on 7th June 2018. These interactive practical workshops are an introduction to the Alexander Technique as an educational training programme and specifically its application to working as a mammographer.

The Technique is a practical method which involves the participants taking part through direct and individual hands-on work from the teachers. Each person receives guidance in self-observation of his/her own inefficient habits of posture and is guided to learn by observation of the movements of others, with assistance from the teachers.

Alexander Technique in Mammography Intermediate/Advanced Course

This interactive practical workshop which will take place early next year, is a follow-up to the “An introduction to the Alexander Technique for Mammographers” course. Throughout the day participants will be guided through verbal and physical instructions into learning to adopt a more efficient working posture. This workshop will be a valuable opportunity to make real progress in understanding how to change patterns of motor and postural behaviour for better support and use of the body.

If you are a mammographer and are interested in learning about the Alexander Technique and its practical application for mammographers, you can contact SoR directly.

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