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The first thing I tell my clients: Think UP

The first thing I teach my clients is how to “think up”.

“Thinking up” means learning to stop tensing the neck, so that the head can release on top of the spine, from the crown. This in turn will allow the spine to decompress under the better balanced weight of the head. In other words, “thinking up” is about learning to stop slumping.

“Thinking up” is the first step on a journey towards better postural support. Bad posture over-stresses joints and overworks muscles. Because the spinal column is our primary supporting structure, this can result in back pain.

A balanced and dynamic relationship between head, neck and back is crucial for good back support, and as an Alexander Technique practitioner, I can assist you to gain this balance through hands-on work. But to start, try, when sitting at a desk, not to poke your head forward, which tenses your neck muscles. Become aware of the length between your sitting bones and your head. You should feel your spine decompress; you have started to “think up”.

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