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Alexander Technique ‘directions’ and their relevance to breath and voice: This is an article I wrote for the 2021 Review Journal of AOTOS (Association of Teachers of Singing), focusing on the important role of coordination of the neuromuscular skeletal system for breath and voice.

What is the Alexander Technique?“, an article I wrote for in January 2015.

In September 2014, I was featured in the Daily Mail “How to beat back and joint pain” supplement about “the key secret I tell my patients”… click here for a video presentation of the supplement.

Recently I spent a very interesting day with a dentist participating in the making of an educational film for Dentists’ Provident on using the Alexander Technique as a tool to prevent musculoskeletal disorders at work… click here to view to the video (from landing page, click Next-Menu-Summary-Next – this will take you to the full video link).

“Using the Alexander Technique to prevent work-related musculoskeletal disorders”, an article I wrote in January 2014 for Synergy, the in-house magazine of the Society of Radiographers (for whom I run regular courses on the subject)… click here for the full article.

“Back for the Future”, an article published in The Dentist magazine in July 2013, featured me talking about the benefits to back-pain sufferers of learning the Alexander Technique… click here for the full article. (For more about the Alexander Technique and back pain, see also this excellent video from the British Medical Journal.)

An article from the Weekly Zaman newspaper in January 2013, in which I talk about what it is that makes the Alexander Technique so effective in addressing back pain and musculoskeletal problems… click here for the article.

In October 2012, the Daily Mail interviewed me about the potential postural benefits of the Marks & Spencer “Perfect Poise” bra… click here for the full article.

“Alexander Technique: Training for the self-management of workers to prevent musculoskeletal disorders” – an academic study by Mireia Mora i Griso published in 2011 on the Alexander Technique as a tool to prevent occupational risks, for which I was interviewed… click here for the full study.

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