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Alexander Technique Practitioner at ImprovePosture, Peckham, London SE15

Founder of Postural Health Training (PHT)

I offer bespoke one-to-one sessions, workshops and courses tailored to group and individual needs. Would you like to address issues of poor posture, tension and stress or you would like to improve your balance & confidence, breathing, easy movement, or you just want to feel and look good? I will tailor your Alexander Technique session to you.

  • Neck, shoulder and back pain
  • Embodied Mindfulness 
  • Technology stress and RSI (laptop/tablet/mobile)
  • Tension headaches and stress
  • Performance and Public Speaking 
  • Voice problems and breathing
  • Body symmetry and balance
  • Body stability and flexibility

Prices and times

Individual sessions

One-to-one sessions at my studio in London SE15 last 40 minutes and fees are:

  • 40 minutes: £55
  • 1 hour introductory session: £70

Sessions at other locations (including the Bloomsbury Alexander Centre) are priced as follows:

  • 40 minutes: £60
  • 1 hour introductory session: £70

Sessions are available Monday to Friday, daytime and evenings, and Saturday mornings.

Workshops and Courses


A two evenings course on ad a hoc basis 7:00-8:00PM – Course fee £100

This course is designed to convey mindfulness practices that utilise core Alexander Technique principles. The Technique being a mind-body method to well-being that helps us change the way we experience everyday life. On this course you will be guided into learning to:

  • Develop your sense of self-awareness and engagement
  • Learn to practise full mind-body integration and re-alignment for a greater sense of wholeness
  • Lower stress reactions by learning to ground yourself physically and emotionally
  • Learn to practise easy breath management and positive thinking


Individual on an ad hoc basis 1.5hr £120

Long hours sitting at a desk or computer terminal can cause muscular tension and stiffness – transform sitting from a static into an active state. On this workshop you will be guided into learning how to:

  • Learn a better head, neck, pelvis alignment that allows good back support when seated
  • Avoid head poking by re-mapping your nodding joint
  • Keep a more expanded open posture for easy typing
  • Improve how to better use your elbows for mouse and keyboard use

Workshops Provider: Postural Health Training (PHT)

Consultant on postural education in hospital settings and other industry. Leading group workshops on Alexander Technique and musculo-skeletal disorders at work for individuals where poor posture at work is an issue. I organise and run introductory presentations/sessions, teaching strategies to improve posture at work, for clients in a variety of professional environments for health and wellbeing at work. I also organise and run bespoke in-house ‘Stress Management Training with Alexander Technique’, for groups as well as running one-to-one sessions with private clients.